Monday, August 18, 2014

The Savannah Voice Festival is Here!

For many families in the area, the summer fun has ended. The kids have all gone back to school and the weekly routines are slowly starting to fall into effect. It seems as if there are nothing but school-related functions and errands taking place. You have to get everything on the school supply list, scan/thoroughly read through the classroom syllabi, attend open house and the list goes on. For those of you who do not have any children and are currently living the single or single couple life, you may just be stuck in a daily routine and are looking for something fun to do. Soon enough, every day will begin to feel like déjà vu.

Going to work, college and home is cool, but it’s necessary to switch things up every once and a while. Yeah, you may have gone on a few road trips to visit family members and even decided to go on vacation, but a fun, educational and artistically engaging event is occurring in Savannah right now! There’s no way Savannah would let its local and surrounding residents end their summers without a bang.

The Savannah Voice Festival is here ladies and gentlemen! Unfortunately, there are only a few days left, but the events are occurring daily. So luckily, you will have time to catch at least one day, if not all seven of them. You can take the opportunity to use this festival as a date night, a family outing, or just simply as a day to treat yourself. Here’s a little tip: you could also use this as a last minute birthday or anniversary gift if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect gift!

This festival is a non-profit organization that focuses on, celebrates, and appreciates classical vocal talents.
The festival is held during a two-week week period (August 1st through the 17th). The Savannah Voice Festival hosts a variety of different events for the audience to attend. There are concerts, movies, luncheons, and educational presentations. You may choose to attend only one event for the day or multiple. The ticket prices range from $18 to $110. Are your pockets feeling a little light? No worries, they didn’t forget that there are some of us out there who are on a budget. There are a few events being held that are free, so be sure to take full advantage of that!

You can buy your tickets online, browse through the different upcoming events and learn more information about the Savannah Voice Festival’s background at

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